Developing Faculty to Provide University Students With Improved Learning Experiences

The Role of Centers for Teaching and Learning

  • Águeda Benito Kendall College
  • Neal A. Green Kendall College
  • Deborah R. Popely Kendall College
  • Phuong M. Thai-Garcia Kendall College
  • Art T. Schneiderheinze Kendall College
Keywords: faculty, professional development, higher education, teaching, learning


The article addresses the importance of incorporating faculty development as a key priority of higher education institutions. A literature review and some face-to-face and online interviews were conducted at various U.S. institutions, to identify common and best practices regarding this important matter. The article offers some ideas about what is done, and how it is done, to help faculty be ready for the challenging role they need to play: to be effective developers of a diverse student body that meets the evolving needs of industry and that utilizes technological tools that never existed before. 

Author Biography

Águeda Benito, Kendall College

Dr. Águeda Benito is the provost of Kendall College, where she has served since 2015. She was previously the rector of the Universidad Europea de Madrid. She holds a PhD in education from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a la Distancia, an MS in physics, and a BS in physics meteorology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Dr. Benito began her career at the Universidad Europea de Madrid as a physics instructor and later served as the head of Academic Quality, vice rector, and dean. Her areas of expertise include leadership and management and academic quality.


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Benito, Águeda, Green, N., Popely, D., Thai-Garcia, P., & Schneiderheinze, A. (2017). Developing Faculty to Provide University Students With Improved Learning Experiences. Higher Learning Research Communications, 7(2), 1–12.
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