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Gary J. Burkholder, Walden UniversityLaureate Education, Inc.

Dr. Gary J Burkholder serves as Vice President for Research and Accountability, Academic Quality and Accreditation and as senior research scholar and contributing faculty at Walden University.  He is also serving as Project Director and Academic Research Lead for the Laureate Professional Assessment Initiative and as Chief Editor for the Higher Research Learning Communications Journal.  He has served a number of academic and business roles during his tenure with Laureate Education, including Assistant Dean, Dean, and Vice President.  Dr. Burkholder received his PhD in Experimental Psychology (specializing in quantitative methods in psychology) from the University of Rhode Island (USA) in May 2000 and has undergraduate degrees in Psychology and in Engineering. Before coming to Laureate, Dr. Burkholder worked as a senior research associate at the Institute for Community Research in Hartford, CT and as Director, Survey Center and Data Management for the Institute for Community Health Promotion at Brown University. He served as biostatistician on grants related to exercise behavior and nutrition education in diverse populations; community health promotion and community health education; patient-doctor communication; cancer screening; LGBT health issues; and drug use and abuse among adolescents and emerging adults and serves as a peer review in a number of public health, psychological, and educational journals.  Dr. Burkholder has authored and coauthored more than 50 publications and 60 presentations on individual, community-based, and public health-related research; student outcomes; and statistical methods in the social sciences. He has membership in the American Public Health Association; in the APHA, he previously served as Section Councilor for the Applied Statistics section.

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